So after the previous tutorial we have a very simple application, but it doesn’t really do anything, it always shows the same result for every page. We need to route different requests to corresponding controllers. For this we need a router. We also need configuration files to determine where to…

Developing a new standard is always a good idea

Yeah I know what you’re thinking, you read the title and thought of that xkcd comic, right? Well I’m not trying to create the new/best PHP framework ever, that is not what this article is about. So what is it about? It’s about learning. Maybe you’re here for that too.

Do you ever discover a new service or feature and decide you need updates when some things happen but the app has no notifications?

In this tutorial I’ll try to make a simple but reusable component get data and notify via Telegram when certain conditions we are watching are met.


Jair Rios O'Hara

Software Developer at Avantica

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